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Cajun food The mixture of these people and the attachment that the Cajuns have to their culture has given birth to a rich cuisine which is high in spices and seafood. The rich waters are reflected in dishes such as Jambalaya, Gumbo or another "aligator sauce piquante".

Cajun music instruments" Since infancy, the Cajuns were surrounded by music and dance. The custom of the "Fais-do-do" is not lost. "I'm not a musician, but I play music", often say the Cajuns. But they play music as they speak French : many do not know how to write French, but they play and sing the French music with all their heart.

The Cajun region 900,000 cajuns live today in south Louisiana. Known for their hospitality and their love of festivals, these French descendants that were expelled from the Canadian region of Acadia by the English in the XVIIIth century have kept an original culture based on music, dance and gastronomy.

Indians were the original inhabitants of Cajun country. Cajuns always knew how to live with people of other cultures. That was the case of the former black slaves and the Indian people. The Cajun was able to find a land that was so harsh that he could still live there in peace. Many Cajuns work now in the oil platfoms which fill up the Cajun country.

Fishing in Acadiana" South Louisiana is covered with water. The houses are often only one meter above sea level. Regularly, Cajuns go fishing in the lakes or in the Gulf of Mexico, which is one of the regions of the world that has the largest number of fish.

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